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real talk expansion pack

dive into these feels and start getting acquainted!


Level up your Hella Awkward nights with the Real Talk Expansion Pack! Dive deeper with 45 all new thought-provoking questions designed to spark honest conversations and unforgettable laughs. This pack adds 3 exciting gameplay variations to keep things fresh, making it the perfect add-on for your favorite party game. Best used when added to the core Hella Awkward card game.


      • 45 new question cards that will spark deep, thrilling discussions that are guaranteed to deepen your connections and test your friendship bonds. 
      • 3 new variations on how to play will ignite a competitive edge when getting to know your friends in new exciting ways.
      • perfect for parties with friends or breaking the ice with new people
      • add this deck to hella awkward for the ultimate game night.

      • 2-6 players

      • for ages 18+

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