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hella awkward card game

"this is better than couple's therapy" - anna

    The perfect addition to date night or game night with friends - 140 questions across 4 categories to spark deeper and more meaningful conversations. 

        • Four exciting categories on relationships, dating, sex, and real talk that will have you laughing or in your feels crying 
        • A fun way to strengthen your relationships and talk about what matters most.

        • Get to know a side of each other, you never knew before.

        • 2-6 players

        • For ages +18

      fun and thought-provoking, made to form deeper, meaningful connections.

      140 cards. 4 categories


      "has a friend or lover ever used their mental health as a crutch to take advantage of you?"


      "do you believe in second chances for bad first dates?'


      "would you accept below average sex if everything else in the relationship was perfect?"

      real Talk

      "stop frontin' you have a favorite friend. Who is it?"

      how to play

      player 1 selects a category and picks out a random card from that category.

      player 1 reads the question aloud and every player answers the questions.

      the next player selects a different card from any category and repeats.

      not ready for a specific question? use your “skip” card.

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