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about us wip

people you know
meet britt + brandon
brother and sister
co-creators of hella awk-ward 

the concept of the game was created in the midst of wild NYC quarantine 2020. Reconnecting with old friends, obsessing over HBO's Insecure, relating to life as black millennials. conversations began with the mundane and ended with asking- “how can I improve my relationship with you?". in cutting out the small, monotonous chatter, we realized we aren't the only ones who need the opportunity to get real. 

so we started archiving conversation topics, spending hours honing the list and secretly testing out our questions on unsuspecting friends. While cutting out the crap, we paired down the list to our top convo starters to lead to deeper connections and build intimate and exciting experiences.   

Expect unexpected questions, be ready to get vulnerable, and don’t be afraid of the emotions that may arise. Our hope is that this game will help you get closer.

people you know.
stories you don't.



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